1968 Foundation ABIGRAF-SP in order to seek the association of graphic factories throughout the State of São Paulo.
1975 Official launch of ABIGRAF Magazine, published by ABIGRAF-SP with the permission of the National ABIGRAF.
1978 The ABIGRAF-SP celebrates its ten years of operation.
1980 It takes over the coordination of Business Groups, which provide information on specific industry segments. The printing industry faces double taxation with ICM and ISS, and started a series of actions to solve the problem.
1985 The ABIGRAF-SP celebrates its twenty years of existence, while ABIGRAF Magazine celebrates its hundredth edition, bringing a historical account.
1993 The ABIGRAF Magazine receives the award Aberje Brazil 93 in the category of Technical Publication.
1994 The First Meeting of Promotional Printed Graphic Factories, promoted by the Corporate Group of Brazilian Promotional Printed from the Brazilian Printing Industry Association (GE-PROM), presenting new benchmarks for the industry's development.
1995 The then director of the National ABIGRAF, president of the São Paulo region (management 2001/2003) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cia Melhoramentos, Alfried Plöger, receives the title of Leader Graphic of the Americas.
1996 The Brazilian Printing Industry Yearbook, published by ABIGRAF-SP with the permission of the National ABIGRAF is launched.
1998 Opening of the new headquarters building of ABIGRAF in São Paulo, the year ABIGRAF-SP celebrates thirty years of foundation. The ABIGRAF magazine receives the Benny Award during the PIA (Printing Industries of America). In order to strengthen the graphic factories of the state, ABIGRAF-SP promotes the Epigraf (Meeting of the Printing Industry of São Paulo), in Ribeirão Preto-SP.
2001 The organization directs its attention to micro and small businesses, in addition to seeking the interiorization of its operations.
2003 Creation of the consortium to encourage the export of products and graphics services, called Graphia (Graphics Arts Industry Alliance) in partnership with the Export Promotion Agency (Apex) and the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises in São Paulo (Sebrae-SP).
2005 The Libraries Project - Reading for all – begins with the partnership of Sectionals and Municipalities. Openings of the libraries in the cities of Jardinópolis, Gastão Vidigal and Taquaral.
2006 Continued Libraries Project. Opening of the Library Tanabi in the first half of the year. Its deployment is according to SERASA offering special discounts for member companies.
2007 As part of the project of interiorization, the organization expanded the Graphic Arts Week program, which now includes the cities of Sorocaba, Araçatuba, Bauru, Ribeirão Preto, São José dos Campos, São José do Rio Preto and Campinas. Opening of three public libraries in the cities of Santo Antonio do Jardim, Monteiro Lobato and Sagres.
2008 The ABIGRAF-SP completed 40 years of existence, commemorated at a year-end lunch of the ABIGRAF System, with tributes to some of the members of the first board. In its strategic plan, launched this year to the next year, the organization announced, among other initiatives, the proposal to reactivate the Working Groups by segment and affinity areas, as well as the expansion of services to the members.
2009 One of the main initiatives of the year was the impetus given to the continuity of the activities undertaken by the existing Business Groups, as well as the creation of others. Throughout the year, there were talks with various matters, always seeking to get information and qualification to the professionals. To reinforcing the programming of the Weeks of Graphic Arts, the entity held the event in Senai Barueri with a record of subscribers: 543 people from 36 companies.
2010 Recognized as a partner of the Government of the State of São Paulo, ABIGRAF-SP is concerned with promoting professional development. For that, it intensified throughout 2010 its program of lectures in management, which included the participation of over 700 people, and the project Graphic Arts Week, which received more than two thousand participants, also encouraging business groups.
2011 Openings of the libraries in the cities of Dumont and Arealva.
2012 Openings of the libraries in the cities of Avaí and Santa Cruz da Esperança.
2013 Abigraf-SP complete 45 years of existence. Openings of the libraries in the cities of Boracéia and Serra Azul.
2014 The Project Libraries - Reading for All - hits the mark of more than 15 000 donated books. Openings of the libraries in Piratininga and Guatapará. The Education for All Project in partnership with Francal begins.